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Artwork Portfolio


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Eve Lovebirds Koi
Pre Alien Graphic Novel Alien Alien
Blue World City at Night Mushroom Village
The Trixter Child of Winter Lily Flowers
2 Birds, 1 Stone Sister Michael The Magician
Stone Hand Lizard Mage Dragonfly Familiar
Hidden Dollar Enlightened Let Freedom Ring

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Barely even self aware, she peers ever outward onto a vast world of wonder and mystery; never looking through others' eyes. There's no time to think of herself or how she's seen; always something new to discover.
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With it's constant flow and swirl, Life brings things together and sometimes apart. When right Togetherness is found, it's up to the joyous constituents to maintain and keep it; ever appreciative and vigilant to the beauty of the gift.
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Without Cold, Warmth has no name; and appreciation of the contrast should not go unnoticed. Something as simple as coming next to the fire from outside a harsh Winter's day is one of thousands of taken-for-granted delights that are all owed to the kindness in the Child of Winter.
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Night in a newly-discovered place. Discovering a new start can commend a strong attitude that, when kept mindful, should be hard to put away. Enjoy to the fullest every moment of all beginnings.
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