Website design:  Here you'll find examples of website designs I've done and some links to tips and resources for you web pages.

Graphics:  I'll show you some 3D and 2D graphics I've made along with links to resources for you.

eBay templates:  I've been very successful with sales on eBay. I attribute the success as much to the user-friendly design and visual appeal of my listings as I do to the inclusion of great product detail and powerful ad writing.

Print media:  I design business cards, letterheads, corporate identity, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, etc. for your personal needs or for your business.

Photography:  Photographs from all over the country.

Animation:  *(This link is not yet available) I've created several Flash applications as well as 3D computer graphic animations and designs. You can see samples and links for resources on the web.

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