Fallon's Music
Here is a Flash mp3 player I've designed. It's very basic for now, but soon I'll add a volume control, a previous track button, and a WinAmp-like playlist. The player loads files dynamically from an XML file on my server.

Unfortunately, the player seems not to be working properly in the Internet Explorer and Safari browsers currently. I'll work this bug out when I get the chance. In the meantime, I suggest either viewing this particular page with Mozilla FireFox or checking out a more limited selection of my music at my Myspace music page.

There are 30 songs in the playlist. You can use the scrubber bar to skip ahead in the songs.

Song List:

01. Paying No Mind
02. Lay It Out
03. Sneaky's Courtship
04. Rolling Hills
05. With My Rocks Out
06. Slow Jazzy Groove
07. In Love with You I Am
08. Surf's Up
09. Fruity Beat
10. Schizophrenia
11. On With the Wings
12. A Day on the Arabian Bridge
13. Acoustic
14. Rockin
15. Mo Rockin
16. Breathe It

17. Bollweevil Stomp
18. Uncle Terry
19. Mashed Tomatoes
20. Launch
21. Guitar Hero
22. Springloaded
23. Pluncate2
24. Plowboy Stan
25. Opposable Digit
26. Just a Wee Bit More
27. Harddd
28. Dunno
29. Dapper
30. Blue Skies
31. Be My Valentine

I love to write and record music.  I play guitar mostly but also a little of this and that

I primarily play a black silverburst 1984 Gibson Les Paul Custom made in Nashville through a Peavey 5150 half stack.  The thing has phenomenal tone (I'm a tone freak).  If I wasn't so absorbed in trying to achieve that golden sound, I'd probably be a better player!

I also have a black JS (Joe Satriani) series Ibanez with floating LO-TRS trem and locking nut that I play through a Fender J.A.M. amp, a Fender Strat, and a custom Marston semi-hollow body.  I also have a Takamine acoustic, an Airline acoustic, a Seagull 12-string acoustic (astounding tone), Memphis electric, an electric blue Schecter Diamond Series Omen-7 7-string, a quilted maple flamed-top Dean Avalanche 7-string, and a translucent red Dean 7-string.

  • JoeMeek VC6Q mic preamp
  • Alesis M-EQ 230 Equalizer
  • Alesis Quadraverb GT multi-effects
  • ART SGX 2000 Express multi-effects
  • ART X-15 Ultrafoot MIDI controller
  • Boss OC-2 Octave pedal
  • Boss HR-2 Harmonizer pedal
  • Boss MT-2 Metal Zone pedal
  • VOX wah pedal
  • Zoom 506 Bass effects pedal
  • Digitech Studio Vocalist vocal harmonizer
  • Digitech XP-1 Whammy Wah

  • Studio Projects CS-1 microphone
  • Roland VS-880 8-track digital recorder
  • Yamaha digital 4-track recorder
  • Roland TD-7 Electronic Drums
  • Roland XP-50 Keyboard
  • Ensoniq SQ-1 Keyboard
  • Yamaha SY-77 Keyboard
  • Washburn 5-string bass
  • Strauss 5-string electric violin
  • 3 bamboo flutes - D, C, G
  • 2 sets of panpipes
  • Wooden xylophone made in Zimbabwe of gourds and wood
  • 3 ocarinas
  • African rain stick
  • Zither
  • Ampeg SS-140C head
  • Marshall JCM 900 50watt head
  • Peavey 5150 half stack amp
  • Peavey Rage 158 amp
  • Peavey Pilot amp
  • Peavey APB-32 patch bay
  • Peavey CS-800  800watt power amplifier
  • Peavey PV 2.6  260watt power amplifier
  • Peavey DPB  300watt digital bass amplifier
  • Peavey MarkIII mixer
  • Peavey SP-2 Monitors x2
  • Peavey floor monitors x2
  • ETA power distributor

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